Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ilustrate din Apuseni 9. Manastirea Lupsa / Postcards from the Apuseni Mountains 9. Lupsha Monastery

Nearer to Campeni, at only 14 km, there is another monastery, called Lupsha, after the name of the village were it was erected the first wooden little church, on 1429.

When I visited here some years ago, there was a painting on the outside wall, under the roof, on the western side of the church. Now it is painted in white. I couldn’t enter, so I only took a couple of photos through the door.

The first restauration took place on 1975, then a new church and lodgings for the monks were added. The new church is not finished yet: the inner wall paintings are still to be added. The stone wall encircling the monastery is new.
Mai aproape de Campeni, la doar 14 km se afla Manastirea Lupsa.  Zidul de piatra care o inconjoara este nou.
intrarea la Manastirea Lupsa
Daca patrunzi in curte, la umbra molizilor se odihneste vechea biserica din lemn a manastirii, construita in 1429. 
Acum cativa ani, cand am vizitat-o prima data, pe aripa sa vestica, sub acoperis, era pictata.
Acum insa este toata zugravita in alb. Nu am putut intra inauntru, asa ca am fotografiat printr-o mica deschidere a usii, peretii pictati din interior.
Prima restaurare a avut loc in 1975. Apoi, s-a construit o biserica noua si un adapost pentru calugarii care traiesc si muncesc aici. Biserica urmeaza sa fie pictata in interior, nu este inca gata.
 biserica noua, cu turn traditional


Randy said...

Beautiful paintings.

Traveling Hawk said...

Thanks for the visit, Randy! Have a nice weekend!

Joop Zand said...

Again very good photographed....well done.

Greetings, Joop

Traveling Hawk said...

Thanks, Joop!

Have a nice weekend!

rama said...

Lovely photographs.

VP said...

very interesting art, but I really can't size up that bell: is it big as it seems?

Traveling Hawk said...

Thank you, rama!

Traveling Hawk said...

Yes, it is, VP!

Rizalenio said...

I love seeing old churches like this. Makes me dream of visualizing how lives were lived before.

Thanks a lot for sharing this, my friend.

Traveling Hawk said...

You are welcome, Rizalenio! Nice you have been here:)

Helma said...

Changed so much over the years Traveling Hawk, but I find the pictures I see now also very beautiful. The church is not finished yet, but that will in due time well.

Kind regards, Helma

Traveling Hawk said...

Yes, you are right, Helma. Thanks a lot!